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Accuracy + reliability + speed = quality.
TheSurvey.com Surveys, polls, questionnaires. Free services for non-profit or educational purposes
FidoNews The FidoNet weekly newsletter of the world's largest amateur dialup BBS network.
Walking Animations POVRay extensions by Theresa Willis.
SIT Stupid HTML Indent Tricks. Why HTML is not a 'page layout' language.
TSM (broken) The Shape Machine. Create simple POVRay rendered images online.
GIFSplit Slice GIFs into pieces for use with TABLES and 'fake' image maps.
CGM! Composite GIF Machine. Create 'unusual' colors that use the websafe palette but 'appear' to be out of the ordinary.
POVRay Persistence Of Vision raytracer work.
Jasminecam MPEG movies of a flower opening.
Local Interest...
Charles Island A local bird sanctuary.
If it's 'nowhere' - how do you know when it's in the 'middle?' jb
'Pants onna ground' is the 'where's the beef' of the new millenium. jb
"We are all victims of our own gene pool." - Dr. Walter Bishop, Fringe
"You never know when somebody has a catheter." - Kathy Griffin, The Late Late Show 12/23/2009
"DARPA never saw this coming." - AppleSuxLeo
Which came first: the chicken or the duck? jb
"My age? 64? 54? Wikipedia is the most authoritative - because you can change it all the time." - Jim Cramer, Mad Money, 3/11/2009
"There's nothing like googling symptoms to make yourself feel better." - Craig Ferguson, The Late Late Show, 3/13/2009
Fred the Rock Just for fun, the HTML Writers Guild mascot. :)
If the opposite of equilibrium is oddibrium, then the opposite of opposite is equilisite, right? Thought so. jb
Knowledge and Wisdom...
"Bacon! The ultimate test of faith." - Police Commissioner Frank Reagan, Blue Bloods, Loss of Faith
"It's so hard to indict anyone running for president." - Rudy Juliani, The O'Reilly Factor, 3/10/2016
"Physics knows no allies - and takes no prisoners." - jb 8/24/2014
"Now all we gotta do is find the gold." - Dustin Hurt, Gold Rush: Pay Dirt The Resurrection
"The first thing you think about is very often the right thing."Bob Partington, Thingamabob
"If it's not in the first place you looked, but it really is supposed to be there, try looking again." - jb 1/1/2014
"You have to be there to be there." - NFL 'new season' commercial 9/3/2013
"If a comet were to hit the earth - watch out!" - Dr. Michio Kaku, How the Universe Works: Comets
"Most of life happens outside the bathroom." - Crest Toothpaste, 10/2011
"I'm not sure, but it's not what we thought it was." - Dr. Park, House, 10/17/2011
"We're all mutants - no matter how many of us appear to be normal." - Dr. Walter Bishop, Fringe
"It's amazing what you can do with a bit of nylon rope and a machete." Les Stroud, Survivorman, Papua New Guinea
If you need an 'iphone app' to discerne 'what's poison ivy look like?' then, very likely, it's already a tad too late. jb

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