Composite GIF Machine

You are selecting two colors, and a width and height. These colors will be set into a 4 pixel array, and expanded into a GIF of the size you select. After submitting this form you will see another page containing that GIF.

Images up to about 512x512 pixels should come back with 'pretty snappy' response. Images larger than that take more CPU time and it may take at least a few seconds to respond. 2048x2048 images may take 'a short while'.

Select one color:
(red, green, blue levels)

Select another color:

Select a width:

Select a height:

Please press the Submit button only once, it may take a moment to process your data.

Netscape 3.02 and 3.03 users! There is a timing bug explained by Netscape that will probably cause you to need to Submit more than once. If your image isn't returned in a few seconds all you can do is try again. It's a bug and I can't fix it via the script.

Copyright 1997 jim barchuk