Charles Island,
Milford, Connecticut

Charles Island is located about half a mile out in Long Island Sound from Milford, Connecticut. At low tide this 14 acre bird sanctuary is accessible by foot along a very rocky tombolo. However birds are the priority here, and visitors are prohibited from the island from 5/26 through 9/9. For tide information see the CT DEP Tide Chart.

These following pics, I make no apologies for, but this was my first digital camera, a Sony Mavica limited to 640x480. Back then that was a common full screen resolution however years later they seem 'tiny.' :)

January 2000

Everything everywhere looks very different in the winter so I took a walk out to the island to take some pics. 35F and 30MPH steady offshore wind but I was dressed properly and warm as toast. Saw two white tail deer in the interior of the island but wasn't quick enough to grab a pic.

Lots of seagulls hanging around. A few terns walking along the edge of the sandbar but they ran away very quickly when I came around.

The mainland shore looks a lot farther than a half mile away.

Now this is a very strange image. It was actually one of the first pics I took in this series. Perhaps the digital camera was a little confused by the bright light and was still adjusting the brightness. Quite unearthly.

May 2000

View from the shoreline towards the island at low tide.

About halfway out to the island. The sandbar is more like a 'rockbar,' footing is not very good.

Cattle Egret (Common Egret) on the north shore of the island.

Canada Goose nesting on the southwest shore.


View back towards the mainland. The sandbar is not S-shaped; the perspective of this shot causes that effect.

View from the west end of Silver Beach.

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