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- the online GIF splitting tool.

Help! What does GIFSplit do?

There are four steps in this process:

  1. choose an image
  2. declare number of horizontal and vertical segments
  3. declare size of each segment
  4. download segments

Please do not try GIFsplit with JPG, or -any- other image types, you're wasting your time they simply won't work.

GIFSplit - Part 1 of 4 - Pick an image

Enter the URL of the GIF you want to split:

Users with 'upload compatible' browsers may select a 'local' GIF file to upload:

Please press the Submit button only once, it may take a moment to process your data.

Netscape 3.02 and 3.03 users! There is a timing bug explained by Netscape that will probably cause you to need to Submit more than once. If your image isn't returned in a few seconds all you can do is try again. It's a bug and I can't fix it via the script.

Caveat: I think there is a programming error, but can't define it exactly. GIFSplit on occasion does not operate properly on GIFs with transparency. It will work, but returned images may have the transparent color set to 'another' color and you will need to adjust it manually to use them. Still looking into the problem.

What does GIFSplit do?

This utility will split one GIF into an array. These separate images are commonly used with HTML tables to create a'fake image map', or for other purposes.

Example. Here is an original image:


Setting 'horizontal segments' to '2' and 'vertical segments' to '2', and setting appropriate cut points will return these four images which may be downloaded:

Top Left Top Right
Bottom Left Bottom Right

Those four images plus this snippet of HTML 'reassembles' those images...

<TD><IMG SRC="h1v1-8392.gif" WIDTH="100" HEIGHT="50" BORDER="0" HSPACE="0" VSPACE="0" ALT=""></TD>
<TD><IMG SRC="h2v1-8392.gif" WIDTH="150" HEIGHT="50" BORDER="0" HSPACE="0" VSPACE="0" ALT=""></TD>
<TD><IMG SRC="h1v2-8392.gif" WIDTH="100" HEIGHT="30" BORDER="0" HSPACE="0" VSPACE="0" ALT=""></TD>
<TD><IMG SRC="h2v2-8392.gif" WIDTH="150" HEIGHT="30" BORDER="0" HSPACE="0" VSPACE="0" ALT=""></TD>

It looks like the original image above, but is actually constructed from the four separate images.

In this example the ALT text is set to 'Top Left,' 'Top Right,' etc.. GIFSplit sets the default to ALT="". You must edit the ALT text for it to make sense for your image map.

Top Left Top Right
Bottom Left Bottom Right

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