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What is all this HTML anyway?

HTML is an acronym representing HyperText Markup Language. It is a set of standards that define the 'structure' of a document. The document may include text, graphics, forms, tables and other features.

HTML is the 'language' in which WWW pages are written. To see what HTML 'looks like', your browser should include a menu selection called View/Source or View/Document Source. Select that now and you'll see the raw HTML code for this document.

HTML does not define the exact layout of a document, but describes generally how the information should appear. Any HTML document may appear slightly different under another browser. This is because each browser may interpret the HTML with slight variations. Further, various screen sizes and resolutions make it impossible to know exactly how a page will appear to the reader.

My job as an HTML coder is to transform your ideas for text, graphics and appearance into an attractive WWW page, and to make the page layout appear as similar as possible under various browsers within to the limitations of HTML.

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