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A Jasmine Flower

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Hello All!

98/2/25 Well, what you see above is not a 'live' pic. Right now there are simply no developing flowers on any of my plants. Will turn the camera back on when there's something to see.

Yay! That 'long, slow' flower finally opened -and- I captured a series of pics.
MPEG files are available at ftp://ftp.jbarchuk.com/pub/jb/jasmine/

Viewing Caveats

During the day the flower should be 'white', or close to it, but at night it's lit only by ambient room lighting and may appear a bit yellowish. After around midnight the lights are usually off and there may be 'nothing', but captured pics are available below so you can see 'something'.

Sorry about the poor quality pics under bright daylight, it's an effect of the camera and I'm working on it.

This page should update automagically every five minutes, but you may need to hit your browser 'reload' button, and should have 'load images automatically' enabled.

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