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What is quality HTML?

There's an aphorism, "You can get it good, fast, cheap - but not all three at once".

Writing the highest possible quality HTML code is my highest priority. There is no room for compromise here. If you pay me hard earned money for Internet presence, my work becomes a direct reflection on you. Anything less than 'the best' means we both lose!

Maintaining high quality standards remains a never-ending challenge. The HTML standards change, browser capabilities vary, new features come around at an almost breakneck pace. Needless to say, 'attention to detail' is not just a slogan - it is the foundation of all good websites. For example, just because a site passes muster under Netscape 2.02 does not guarantee that a 'websurfer' using a Mosaic-like browser will see the pages with the same positive impact. My job is to know all important browser idiosyncrasies to ensure that your WWW pages present the message in the most positive way under the widest variety of browsers possible.

"Speed" - my second priority. In the modern business world, high speed page loading is not a luxury - it is essential! Reduced product life cycles, JIT (just-in-time) deliveries, and timely information for your customers on changing market intelligence often define that fine line between success and failure in a severely competitive marketplace. My job is to initially create your WWW pages quickly and efficiently. Once in place, I can make updates and modifications as required. However, quality can never be sacrificed on the altar of expedience.

Is high quality website production expensive? NO! However, there is no simple way to quote pricing for a WWW page. Every page has its own special uniqueness. Quick and easy quotes without details are a shortcut to disaster. Accurate quotes requires asking a list of solid, probing questions. Armed with the knowledge of your exact needs, I give a firm quote. Once a quote is rendered, that's the final price.

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