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James Barchuk
370 Ruth Jennings Dr.
DeBary, Fl 32713

email: mailto:jb@jbarchuk.com
home page: http://www.jbarchuk.com

Internet Web Page Designer 3/96 - Present

Due to disability I am forced to give up the electronics career that you will read about in the following segments. Building on my computer, electronics, programming and modem networking experience, internet technology has come very easy to me. This is a conscious career choice and I intend to become as highly rated a web designer as I was in my electronics work.

The portions that you will read about with reference to my mechanical skills I am simply physically unable to do any more. They are listed here only for completeness as they are a major facet of my job history.

CAD Printed Circuit Board Designer

Digitech Industries Incorporated
55 Kenosia Avenue, Danbury, CT.
Supervisor, Dave Schiopucie, Director of Engineering
3/90 - 2/95
Salary: $22/hr as a consultant employee.

My work at Digitech was in two phases. From '90 through '93 I designed appx. 15 through-hole technology printed circuit boards under OrCad SDT/PCB for a handheld ISDN test set. In 2/94 Digitech converted to Racal Redac Cadstar and autorouter. Under Cadstar I designed about another two dozen PCBs, the densest of which completely filled PC-AT sized board with surface mount parts.

Invention Prototype and Development

Jesse Colodner
22 Walter Street Pearl River, NY
1988 - 1991

I did several invention prototype projects for Jesse Colodner on a consultant basis. Mr. Colodner had a staff of mechanically oriented people, but occasionally needed software, firmware, and electronics design help.

  • An inventor created a PC-based game, using visual mnemonics, to memorise the names of United States states. The customer had a series of drawings of, for instance, a boot in the shape of Louisiana, and a ladder in the shape of California. This was a particularly difficult project because all I had was a tiny primitive handheld scanner, with no documentation for the BMP file format. I had to manually reverse engineer the file format, and experiment with manually created binary files, to find out how to display them on the PC screen.
  • ...an 'alerter' for a telephone accidentally left off-hook, that detected the off-hook beep tones, and flashed a lamp on and off.
  • ...a device for an automobile, that detected the headlights of an oncoming car traveling in the opposite direction, and turned off the cars' high-beam headlights. That feature is available in some modern cars today.
  • A physical therapist developed a machine that used air-inflatable bags, to wrap around and compress the legs and arms of a patient, to improve blood circulation. I wrote the software for a controller board that operated the pneuumatic valves that filled and emptied the air bags in a timed manner.
  • ...a belt-carried personal alarm device. This was a very small box that had a number of panic buttons mounted on the outside. When a button was pressed a LOUD alarm sounded, and the alarm could not be shut off except by a password typed into a small keypad.

Prototype Electronics Modelmaker Class A

ILC Data Device Corp
105 Wilbur Place Bohemia N.Y. (516) 567-5600
Supervisor: Bill Elasik, Manager
4/83 - 8/89
Salary: start $6.50 /hr. end $14.50 /hr.
Reason for leaving: Relocated from Long Island, N.Y. to Waterbury, Ct. for personal reasons.

DDC is in the business of producing mil and industrial quality analog and digital data conversion devices. As a member of the Engineering Discrete Model Shop I was responsible for the mechanical layout, design, fabrication and wiring of prototypes, test fixtures, demonstrators, show pieces, production samples and first pieces, burn in fixtures and other 'one of a kind' pieces. Instructions came as sketches, prints and wire run lists. Extensive use was made of wire wrap and ribbon cable technology for reliability, speed of assembly and ease of troubleshooting and maintenance.

Other special projects at DDC include:

  • Several small and large mil spec Eurocard cabinets using wire wrap and ribbon technology.
  • Built four small cabinets each containing 300 wire wrapped IC's in 240 cubic inches.
  • Drafted many schematics using OrCad.
  • Designed several printed circuit boards using OrCad PCB and Tango.
  • Engineering Department VAX network user, wrote many programs in Oregon Pascal including one that converted a text file of shape-names to an HPGL file for plotting test fixture front panel drawings.
  • Active participant in company Suggestion Awards Program. Submitted about ten or twelve successful suggestions in hardware and software design and production areas.

Prototype Wirer Class A

Telephonics Corp.
789 Park Ave. Huntington N.Y. (516) 549-6000
12/82 - 4/83
Salary: $9.50 /hr.
Reason for leaving: Job shopping, went direct at DDC.

Built four double Eurocard racks and about sixteen wire wrap boards for those racks.

Other Skills

Mechanical skills

  • familiar all hand and bench tools
  • own many assembly tools
  • familiar drill press, band saw, belt and disk sanders, manual and automatic punches, shears grinders, etc.
  • minor skills in lathe and mill

Proficient programmer in Pascal, Basic, PL/M and DOS

Knowledge of VMS, C, Cobol, Fortran, Forth, Assembly

8051uC development

Use Cadstar, OrCad, dBase, Paradox, Lotus, Multiplan, Reflex, WP, Easyflow, Timeline, AutoCad, Tango

Personal Computer Skills

  • design
  • assemble
  • install
  • upgrade
  • troubleshoot

Other Special Projects

FidoNet is an amateur dialup-BBS network, about 13 years old, about 25,000 sysops internationally. I've written two programs that have proved to be very useful to many sysops:

RMAP is a 'routing' utility for local networks. Unlike Internet and the DNS system, in FidoNet each sysop has a copy of the entire network that includes BBS name, sysop name, location, phone number, and modem capabilities. The purpose of RMAP is to facilitate local geographic network email routing.
LNDL checks many details that a FidoNet nodelist conform to technical specifications.

SLST007.ZIP SendLiST is a Pegasus companion utility. Unlike 'distribution list', Sendlist can send a different file to each address, with a different encoding type.

Wrote a program to convert OrCad/SDT partlists from comma delimited to column format. Config file determines which field goes in which column. Adds title to each column. Changes page numbers from 'Page 3' to 'Page 3 of 5.'

Wrote a program to convert standard output OrCad netlists to 'proper' Cadstar format. Converts signal names, and assigns track widths to signal names.


Chaminade High School
Mineola, N.Y. (1974)
General College Prep


Camping, Hiking, Music, Art, Science Fiction
Robotics and Automation
Real World / Computer Interface

I operate a computer Bulletin Board System, the Fifth Age, dedicated to Native American topics. I've been a member of several computer networks since 1989. BBS number is 203-877-1473.

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